Maison de la Bonne Vie is a destination in itself where you can relax in the rooms and enjoy the garden, the swimming pool, our communal kitchen and living room. Feel free to ask if you need anything during your stay. If you want to be more active and go out it's a great option too.

Maison de la Bonne Vie is located in the department Aveyron. A department in the region Occitanië (a merger per 01-01-2016 from Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi Pyrénées). The climate here is wonderful, early spring from the end of March and long autumn until mid October. Hiking, mountain biking, motorcycling and exploring all beautiful (medieval) villages. There are many vide greniers/brocantes , local parties etc. in summer.

Nature is fantastic, we are located between the volcanic mountains of the Auvergne and the Pyrenees, so you have fantastic views everywhere you go. You come across castles and sometimes you are forced to stand still on the way by a herd of cows. The farmer moves his cows from one pasture to another just across the public road. If you want to make culinary trips (Guido cooks delicious, but still) you can go to 2 fantastic auberges in the neighborhood, each with their own specialty. If you want top of the bill then you drive to Laguiole for about an hour, the famous knives come from here, here is the 3 Michelin star restaurant of Michel and Sebastian Bras. Reservations must take place at least 4-5 months in advance.

For all reservations that you would like to make in advance, you can always ask us to arrange this for you.

The nearest wine regions are Entraygues (Vins d'Eentraygues - Le Fel in Entraygues-sur-Truyère and Estaing (Les vignerons d'Olt in Estaing (75 km) are red, rosé or white.The vineyards are located on the steep slopes of the Lot Valley. For the red wine the Fer Servadou and Gamay grapes are used, for the white wine the Chenin Blanc, Estaing is also a nice place to visit with the historical monument Chateau d'Estaing.

We have mapped out a few routes that you could make, ask for it during your stay and we will gladly give you tips to make a day out even more fun and interesting.