Our restaurant has the concept of tables d'hôtes, tables d’hôtes literally means the tables of the hosts. At Maison de la Bonne Vie you can "eat along", of course we make something special and give tables d'hôtes an extra dimension. We put together constantly changing menus each day, check our restaurant website to see which menus we serve and when.

Guido announces which menus he will cook. Our guests decide for themselves whether they will participate, either at the communal table together with other guests or more private tête à tête. Individual wishes are of course taken into account and Guido is always open to special requests. Tables d'hôtes is available to everyone, including guests from outside as long as we know who is participating one day in advance. if the weather permits we serve the tables d'hôtes outside.

Guido is a trained pastry chef, but that is not the only thing he knows how to prepare in our kitchen, he cooks amazing Italian, French, Asian and, of course,  Dutch food.

Guido ensures that many fresh products are obtained from the area as much as possible, the eggs, milk, cheese and meat etc. come from local farmers.

The wine cellar is well stocked and you can enjoy many French white and red wines in addition to our house wine so that we have a suitable wine for every dish. In the afternoon a rosé wine by the pool is of course also possible.

We offer Tables d'hôtes, from € 29,50 (3 courses)


Dinner from 7 p.m.

Lunch from 12 noon


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