Table d’hôte means literally table of the host. At Maison de la Bonne Vie you can join us for dinner, we always make a special dinner and never an ordinary meal.

Every morning Guido announces what he will serve for dinner, our guests decide whether they join or not. You can join us at our communal table or have a private dinner at a small table. Of course individual requests will be taken into account, Guido is always open for special requests. Table d’hôte is available for everyone, even outside guests as long as we have the reservation before 10am. Guido ia a well trained pastry chef, but besides that he prepares wonderful Italian, French, Asian and of course, Dutch dinners.

You can buy a lot of Guido’s ingredients at Maison de la Bonne Vie shop, onsite or online. Delicious Jam, honey, olive oil, fleur de sel etc.

Most of the fresh ingredients Guido buys locally, such as eggs, milk and meat from local farmers. His vegetable garden provides him with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Last but not least, the wine cellar at Maison de la Bonne Vie is well stocked. Beside the wines of the house we serve nice French wines from many regions. White, Red and Rosé for each course and we have a matching wine for each occasion.

With us you experience a luxury life, which also means a luxury breakfast. For B&B guests breakfast is included, for the Studio guests it is optional (€9,- p.p.).


Our breakfast consists of many (fresh) regional products, for example:

  • Various types of bread
  • croissants
  • cereals
  • yoghurt (soy on request)
  • fresh fruit
  • Various sweet and savoury products
  • Variety of coffees (from our espresso machine)
  • Tea (large choice of organic teas)
  • milk or orange juice
  • boiled egg

In addition we offer a menu with some warm dishes for wich we charge a supplement.


We can offer a selection of dishes for lunch, please speak to us about the menu for that day.

If you are out and about during the day, we can provide you with a nice lunch basket. From a simple sandwich to extensive picnics with champagne, anything is possible. Please check with us 1 day in advance and we prepare the luchbasket just as you wish. Price varies according to the content.

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