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First of all Happy Easter everyone or we should say better in this Corona time; Healthy Easter.

We had great weather here at Maison de la Bonne Vie the past few days. In the morning it is still a bit chilly but by noon it's really nice and we can work in a T-shirt and shorts. The edges between the gravel and the grass still had to be separated by a corten steel edge so that the grass would not grow between the gravel. In the Netherlands these are works that you do in the no time, but here with a slightly larger garden and a ground full of boulders and stones, that is a different story. Previous attempts, had not been very successful and had led to some irritation. After leaving everything for what it was, the idea came up to do it differently. After all, we have a large angle grinder with diamond disc and we can use it to get this job done. Well it worked fine, after 3 days of hard work, the edges are in and we are happy with the end result. What do you think?

When we started laying the grass, we also installed an underground sprinkler system so that we can easily spray the grass in summertime. Unfortunately this did not work the way we wanted it last year and the sprinklers did not rise from the grass and we had to work with other sprinklers. After taking a good look at the sprinklers and installing an extra supply pipe, the system is now doing fine and we can water the grass well this summer. In the garden we had all put boulders from the garden at the foot of a tree. It was nice at first until the weeds started to take over. We first removed all the stones and the weeds and then laid down anti root cloth. Together with our neighbor we have laid down a few large boulders and we will soon make a really nice piece of rock garden.

The tiles have now been grounted in the bathroom and we can continue to make the cabinet around the boiler, a nice job for the coming week. For the grange we painted the doors a first coat of paint and that also looks a lot better. 1 or 2 more layers and then the doors will last for a long time. As you can see we continue to work here and we hope, like many people, that we can quickly leave this corona time behind and that our petit restaurant and the B&B can open again soon. We are not bored but in terms of income it would all be very nice and we hope that we can soon receive guests here at Maison de la Bonne Vie.

Stay healthy and stay at home until we meet in good health soon.

Derk & Guido