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We have now started the 2nd lockdown period here. Seen Macron's announcement on TV last week and that was quite confrontational. You know in the back of your mind that it is not a situation that just blows over, but when you hear there will be an extra month of lockdown (until May 11) and crowds of larger groups are excluded until the middle of July and restaurants will be closed until the end June, then it is just as intense. How will it all go and how will we all do that here at Maison de la Bonne Vie, those are the things that go through our heads here. Time will tell and the little consolation is that nobody knows and everyone has their own small and / or bigger problems. We have given ourselves distraction by continuing to work on the gîte and arranging the garden, because the moment that guests can and may come again, we want to pop and be ready. In the gîte we finished the wallpapering, hung the lamps and finished the edge above the tiles of the bathroom. In the garden we removed the weeds and the lower part of the garden was again cut short with the forest trimmer.

#stayhome # staysafe

Derk & Guido