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It has been a while since we posted a new blog here. We have not sat still and that is why writing the blog has been less but here is another one.

The room in the barn is in good progess, all walls are insulated, the electrical work is in place and most walls are already equipped with plaster board. The tiles for the bathroom have been selected, ordered and delivered, the faucets are built into the walls and all beams are painted. In the pantry, all walls are also insulated and equipped with water and electricity lines. Most walls are tiled and if the floor heating is there, the floor tiles can also go in. We have also ordered the kitchen cupboards and they can be placed afterwards. In short, the rough work, which you will not notice anymore later, is done and now the finishing can start. Tiling will soon be scheduled for the room and that will also make a big difference. I will try to keep you a bit more informed so keep following us and liking on social media.