Studio 1 has a surface of 40m² on the ground floor with private entrance and direct access to the garden, the terrace and the swimming pool. The interior becomes light and warm. A beautiful concrete floor combined with warm materials.

In the gîte are the kitchen and living area with lounge area. The small open kitchen has a fridge, 3 burner induction, dishwasher and kitchen inventory. Behind this are the 2-person bedroom and the luxury bathroom of the brand Jee-o with freestanding bath and separate shower.

The images that we now use for this gîte that is still under construction, are impressions. They are atmospheric impressions with interior products that we will use in the design.

Laagseizoen (16-09 to 15-06) Hoogseizoen  (16-06 to 15-09 and 15-12 to 15-01)
€ 139,00 € 159,00


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